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80FR8 (3)

Anne Taintor (7)

Bigfoot Sock Co. (23)

Blue Q (87)

Cedar Ridge Mill (3)

Freaker (2)

Freaker USA (17)

Funatic (141)

Gumball Poodle (33)

Happy Socks (9)

Headline (4)

Izzy & Owie (17)

Livin' on the Wedge (4)

Living Royal (27)

Northland Woolens Socks

Northland Woolens (2)

Piero Liventi (17)

Primus Campus Socks

Primus Campus (39)

SkaterSocks (43)

Sock It To Me (59)

Solmate Socks (14)

Sourpuss (10)

Threshold (12)

Top Sox (39)

Two Feet Ahead (15)

Uptown Sox (17)

Yo Sox (19)


Your #1 crazy sock retailer, providing silly socks for the entire family!

Why CrazySocks?

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Tons of Wacky Socks!

Socks are more than just something to keep your shoes from stinking and your toes warm.

They are a way to brighten the day of everyone you meet, to express your true self, build your confidence, or just make you giggle at the secret your shoes are hiding.

Whether you love cats, God, or pizza, we let you wear your heart on your feet.

Women’s Socks

Find the right socks to suit your mood, style, and personality! From sassy socks to sexy socks, ankle socks to knee highs, we’ve got all the ladies socks your drawers can handle. Fashionable and funky socks let people know just who you are and what you stand for, in a cute and fun way. Get political, support your favorite cause, show your rebellious side, or just celebrate the fact that you got dressed today.

The perfect gift for sisters, mothers, daughters, and bff’s, crazy socks let you show just how unique and special the ladies in your life are to you. Nothing says ‘I really get you’ quite like socks with a sloth eating a donut.

Men’s Socks

Crazy socks aren’t just for kids, they are becoming a fashion staple for men as well. Paired with suit pants and a pressed dress shirt, quirky socks let you show off your personality with a pop of color, geometric pattern, or personal message to the world.

Whether you are a businessman, outdoorsman, or gamer, we have the novelty socks to match your mood and personal brand. Let your freak flag fly with our men’s funky sock options, or let your team colors shine with our colorful selection of sports & athletic socks.

Kid & Baby Socks

We have funny socks for kids, from toddler to teen. Let them show their unique personality, or get matching Daddy & Me socks / Mommy & Me socks to show how some traits don’t skip a generation.

Show your love for puppies or tacos, or let the world know that you are the reason ‘why we can’t have nice things’.

Shop our cool, quirky Boys & Girls kid socks now for a variety of fun styles and Free Shipping!

Socks For All!

With a huge variety of unisex socks, we make sure everyone can tell the world about their silly self through their wardrobe.

We carry all of the best sock brands, with crazy designs from Funatic, Blue Q, 80FR8, Gumball Poodle, Happy Socks, Izzy & Owie, Living on the Wedge, SkaterSocks, Sock It To Me, Sourpuss, Threshold, Top Sox, Living Royal, Piero Liventi, Yo Sox, & more!

Shop our selection of Crazy Socks now!

Find the perfect gift, and go ahead and treat yourself as well. You have to wear socks, might as well make them Crazy Socks!